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G. K. Kedia & Co. provides various Virtual Office Services to support businessmen, entrepreneurs, and professionals of almost all economic sectors. Our support services are rather economical, but optimally expedient & elegant, for boosting and enhancing the overall productivity and profitability of your business. Moreover, we also provide and create a highly productive, efficient, and magnificent Virtual Office presence, according to your individual requirements. We have various efficient & elegant, customized virtual office packages to suit your exclusive need and style, and include services like: furnished office space, telephone answering service, on line scheduling, reception and secretarial service, web-based e-mail and high-speed Internet access, mailing and shipping services, and various other ancillary and counseling services.
We have a wide range of elegant customized services, to suit appropriately your varied requirements and priorities. Our Virtual Office Service package includes the following ancillary and exclusive service options:
• We provide well-furnished Office spaces as per the priorities and various requirements of your organization, at quite economical charges.
. We offer the facility of a prompt and efficient Telephone Answering Service. Under this service, all the incoming calls to your company, will be answered live in your company name very scrupulously according to your benefits and preferences, by our trained telephone operators. This service includes automatic and prompt diverting of the Telephone or Fax calls, with no ring-tone delay.
. We also undertake on line Scheduling and Calendaring according to your business requirements and preferences, promptly, proficiently, and scrupulously, at rather reasonable charges. Our this service includes managing your daily work schedule, appointments, work-loads, etc. and keeping you well-informed about all types of communications concerned with your company, with the help of reminders. Our this service also includes the tackling of business assignments, specified market researches, and various other business activities. We can also take care of tour and travel planning and arrangements that you might require to undertake.
. We provide a comprehensive and exclusive High Speed Internet Access, in order to enable you to satisfy optimally your wide range of business requirements.
. Our extensive Web-based E- Mail Access service, can certainly help you to meet promptly and lucratively, all your requirements of the modern business.
. We provide a well-rounded Reception & Secretarial service, which includes all the activities and works of the receptionist and secretary, such as receiving the guests with utmost care & concern, act scrupulously on behalf of the company on the business affairs according to your instructions; maintaining close contacts and rapport with your customers and clients; typing letters, e-mails, faxes, reports as per your directions; receiving and sending official letters, documents, etc.; handing over to you the same, and receiving your advice; and then reply the same back as per your business requirements in a prompt and professional way. Receiving special calls, faxes, letters, etc. and giving dictation over the phone; updating, storing and inputting data of your company, etc. are performed scrupulously according to your instructions & directions---in order to boost the productivity and profitability of your company.
. We offer a very prompt and punctual Mailing and Shipping service, which includes sending your business mails to anywhere in the world, most economically; printing your all stationery requirements such as letter-pads, invoices, websites, advertising, business letters and compliment slips, and so on.


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