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Digital Signatures and DIN

» Digital Signatures

What is a DSC? Where is it used?
A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a formal & legal, electronic transformation or form of the physical signature, which is easily presented electronically and digitally to access information on the Internet, or to prove the identity of or sign certain documents. Why is the DSC necessary? The Digital Signatures have become compulsory after 16th September 2006, for filing the Form Inc-1 and other related documents prescribed under the Companies Act, 2013. Where from to get the DSC? DSC is obtained from any of the licensed ( by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, MCA) Certifying Authorities such as TCS, SIFY, MTNL, etc., and these can be had without obtaining DIN. Digital Signatures are fully valid formally and legally, and validity of these varies from one to two year. What are the uses of DSC? However, both DIN and DSC are pre-requisite for filing any document connected with the MCA. Hence, the digital signatures of the managing director or director, or manager, or the secretary of the Company must be obtained beforehand, for signing the Form Inc-1 and other concerned documents.

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